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foaling cameras, wireless foaling cameras, calving cameras & farm cctv security systems. wireless horse foaling cameras, and yard cctv security camera systems - Equicom - These systems make it easy for you to monitor your mare foaling. You can observe the mare foaling in the stable from the comfort of your home, even in complete darkness - equicom 087 649 1238

 Equicom wireless cctv surveillance systems are Ideal for foaling, equestrian businesses, tack rooms, tack shops, riding schools, livery yards, foaling cameras with night vision and sound, horsebox cameras, ip cameras etc.

Visit our online shop: www.equicom.ie

For more information click here, e-mail security@equicom.co.uk or alternatively to speak to someone or to place an order simply contact Equicom on 087 649 1238

foaling cameras. 2 foaling & tv receiver. foaling cameras. 2 foaling & tv receiver.
Wireless foaling camera system. 2 foaling wireless cameras & receiver to enable you to monitor your mare foaling in the stable or equestrian yard surveillance.
Price: €262.89
foaling camera system - 2 wired foaling cameras with auto night vision foaling camera system - 2 wired foaling cameras with auto night vision
foaling camera system with 2 foaling cameras which have auto night vision allowing you to monitor your mare foaling in the stable from the comfort of your own home.
Price: €330.02
4 foaling cameras & receiver 4 foaling cameras & receiver
4 wireless foaling cameras with night vision, sound & television receiver.
Price: €446.36
3 foaling camera systems 3 foaling camera systems
3 foaling cameras/equestrian cctv camera system with sony 1/4 ccd lens, processor box, power adaptors, remote, mounting brackets, fittings & leads, 12 month warranty
Price: €441.89
4 foaling cctv camera system 4 foaling cctv camera system
Foaling cameras/equestrian yard cctv - 4 camera calving camera system with mulitplexor/multiplex processor box. Ideal for monitoring cattle calving or farm yard security & surveillance


  •   Equicom has a new range of wireless foaling and security cameras which are ideal for riding schools, tack rooms, yard security, monitoring accesses, fields at night, horsebox/trailer security and foal monitoring. These systems are completely wireless with a range of up to 300m, they also include 30 led infra-red lights in each camera which provide perfect  vision for up to 15m in pure darkness, colour vision & sound come as standard on all the cameras. The receiver can change channels automatically, or manually with the remote control which come with batteries included. All power adaptors and tv leads come with the sets.
     Installation is simple as the camera just need a power supply, all the power adaptors are included. You simply place, glue or screw the camera to any surface you want ant plug it in. The cameras are preset to the receiver so all you need to do is plug in the receiver box to the mains with the supplied adaptor (Uk and Ireland/3 pin/220v)and then connect the receiver to the tv with the supplied lead. You can then set the receiver to automatically change from camera to camera every few seconds or change cameras manually using the remote. The ideal solutions is to have 2 receivers, then you can have one connected to a tv in your office or front room and the other connected to a tv in your bedroom or else where on your premises. They can also be used for home security and/or baby room monitor, door monitor, shed monitor etc. You may also connect the receiver to a vcr or dvd recorder to record while you are not present for security. The sets are 2.4g - Uk and Ireland spec as is the power adaptors.
    www.equicom.ie or  www.equicom.co.uk for cctv security cameras


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