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Horse bandages,  how to bandage a horse and pony

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 Click on the diagram on the left to see how to bandage a horses leg.

General rules of of bandaging

  • Never draw any one part of the bandage tighter then another. Uneven pressure can, especially to the leg can cause serious, permanent damage to the tendons. 
  • Always use cotton gamgee under the bandage
  • Do not draw tapes tighter then the bandage. May result in swelling and eventually a permanent lump no the leg.
  • When bandaging legs tie tapes on the outside or inside of the legs, never on the bone in front, or the tendon at the back. Fasten in a bow and tuck the spare ends in, never pin.
  • Tapes tied tighter then the bandage on the tail bandage may result in hair falling out. Tie tapes loosely.
  •  When bandaging uneven surfaces, or swollen legs, use plenty of gamgee or cotton wool and bandage fairly loosely.
  •  Never leave any bandage in place for more then 12 hours, and replaced as necessary, for a further 12 hour period.
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