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Horses bones structure, bone layout and conformation

horses bone structure and horses bones

The horse has a large skeletal system which protects the vital organs, maintains the horses shape, allows movement and gives points of attachment for muscles tendons etc.

horses skelatal system and bone structure 

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 In common with all vertebrae creatures the horse has a framework of bones combining to form a rigid support for the body mass and there movement, in response to the contraction of muscles and the consequent activation of joints provides locomotion.

 Joints are formed at the juncture of two bones, the articular surface of which is of greater density then else where in the bone. An additional preventative against wear is the separating layer of gristle (cartilage) between the bone surfaces. The whole is held together by ligaments to each bone. The ligaments act to govern the extension of a joint, preventing movement beyond the latter's proper limitations.   






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