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Horse & equestrian boots, types of boots for horses and ponies

horse boots

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 Equestrian Boots have the following functions
  • Protects the leg from injury by:
    Blows - jumping fixed fences etc
    Brushing - inside of leg near fetlock is knocked by opposite foot
    Speedy cutting - inside of leg near knee is knocked by opposite foot
    Over-reaching - toe of hind shoe striking heel of front foot
  • Support of tendons on forelegs
  • Treatment of injuries - i.e. poultice boot etc

Types of boot

  • Shin boot - for both fore and hind legs. Eliminates the danger of rapped shins in jumpers. Useful for racing over fences and showjumping.
  • Knee boot -  'Carter' pattern or 'skeleton' knee cap. protects knees of young horses schooling over fences.
  • Coronet boot - mainly for protection during polo
  • Polo boots -  various types, usually similar to brushing boots but 1/4 or 1/2 inch felt. Usually larger then normal patterns with strong elastic insert to give tighter fit and more support.
  • Brushing boots - Many different types. Lighter then polo boots. Prevents legs brushing against each other.
  • Speedicut boots - similar to brushing boots but fitted higher on the leg.
  • Heel boot - protects point of fetlock which may come into contact with the ground during fast work or jumping.
  • Over reach boot - rubber 'bell' shaped boot fitting snugly around the lower part of the pastern.
  • Tendon boot - made with strong pad at rear shaped to leg. Gives protection from high over-reach and strong support to weak tendons.
  • Hock boot - thick felt or leather, protects hocks while travelling.
  • Travelling knee cap - Protect knees while travelling. Must be carefully fitted so as not to hinder knee movement.
  •  Poultice boot - accommodates foot and bulky dressing in case of injury to the foot.
  • Walking boot and hinged sole boot - for use where there is injury to the foot but poultice is not required and the horse is to walk gently.
  • Stuffed sausage boot - strapped around coronet it prevents recurrence of a capped elbow.
  • Kicking boot - thick felt. for use on mares during service to prevent injury to the stallion from kicks, replaces hobbles.

Traditionally boots have been made from leather and fastened with small straps and buckles. Leather boots are sill available but many are now made with velcro fastenings and various types of boots are made from new 'man-made' materials.
 If boots or bandages are worn during the cross-country phase of a 3 day event, do not rely on velcro fastenings.




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