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How to catch a horse, how to handle horses & ponies

  • Approach the horse from the front or at an angle so as you can easily be seen.

  • If the horse is in a stable then get his attention so as he is facing you before you enter the stable.

  • When you are near the horse approach his left shoulder with your headcollar or bridle in your left hand.

  • When you are at the horse place the lead rope over his neck with your right hand and then do up the headcollar with both hands.

  • If the horse is easily caught then you may keep the leadrope in your left hand.

  • If the horse is difficult to catch then some horse feed or mints might be of use as a peace offering.

  • If you are using a bridle place the reins over his head with your right hand, and then put on his bridle.

  • Then take the leadrope or reins from around his neck and lead him from his shoulder on his left side with your right hand on the reins or leadrope and the excess length of rope or rein in your left hand.

  • Always lead the horse and do not try to drag it.

  • Never let the leadrope or reins dangle an or near the ground as the horse may step on it and panic, or you could get it caught around your feet.


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