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Horse & pony facts, statistics & information

  • A horse of average size has approximately 50 pints (28 litres) which circulate through his system every 40 seconds.

  • The top speed of a of a Horse is about 45 Mph (70 Kph)

  • The smallest horse ever recorded was a Falabella (miniature pony) which stood 48cm (19 Inches), or just under 5 Hands and weighed 14Kg (30 Lbs)

  • The largest horse ever recorded was a Belgian that stood 1.8M (6ft) tall, or 18 Hands, and weighted 1400Kgs (3200Lbs)

  • Horses have the largest eyes of any land animal

  • There are 60 Million domestic Horses worldwide

  • While walking a horse consumes 1 Litre (.25 gallon) of oxygen a minute but at racing gallop the horse takes exactly 1 breath per stride and consumes nearly 60 Litres (15 gallons) of oxygen per minute

  • A horse can eat more food each day then a cow of the same size

  • Horses were domesticated in Eurasia about 6000 years ago

  • Horses became extinct in both North and South America about 15,000 years ago    


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