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Horse muscles, muscle layout/muscular system, structure & the horses conformation  

horse muscular system

 The horse has a large muscular system which allows movement of the horse, gives it definitions as well as allowing posture like standing by contracting both muscle groups at the same time.

the horse and ponies muscular system and layout

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 There are three types of muscle

  • Voluntary (striped) - which is found in the leg, neck, quarters etc. The horse has complete control over these.
  • Involuntary (smooth) - which is found in the alimentary canal, the walls of the arteries etc. The horse has no conscious control over these muscles.
  • Cardiac - which is found in the heart and contracts rhythmically.

 When considering the anatomy of a riding horse it is the voluntary muscles which are significant. These are divided in to two groups - Flexor muscles which bend the joint and extensor muscles which straighten the joint. When a horse is standing both muscles act simultaneously to stabilise the joint, thus preventing either flexion or extension.


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