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BHSAI qualified equestrian horse riding instructor available for teaching & yard management.

Currently seeking new employment



NAME:                            Andrew Roberts

ADDRESS:                    Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

TEL NO:                        +353 (0)85 7311353

DATE OF BIRTH:          31\July\73

NATIONALITY:               Irish

MARITAL STATUS:      Single  

DRIVING LICENCE:     Full, Clean 

EDUCATION                  Midleton College, Cork, Ireland


Irish Intermediate Cert.   Mathematics, French, Geography, English, Science, Biology, Irish                   Commerce, Art


Irish Leaving Cert.            Mathematics, French, Geography, English, Chemistry, Biology, Irish,   Physics                                              



VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE    Helping with disabled riders                   


To Date:           Running equestrian centre in Ireland

 Previous Experience/employment to date includes running my own equestrian centre and tack shop which I recently closed in order to follow my passion of teaching horse riding and running yards worldwide.

Running showgrounds equestrian Centre in Perth, Australia

June 03 – June 04

Manager and chief instructor at the showgrounds equestrian center in Perth, Australia. Duties also included organizing and running camps, shows and various activities for all ages.



June 02 – May 03

Manager and riding instructor at the paddocks riding stables in Dublin. 



Nov 01 – May 02

Volunteer at the Uganda wildlife education centre.



Sept 00 –Oct 01

Manager of a 40 horse riding school/livery yard in north London. I was responsible for all managerial aspects of this yard including feeding programs, ordering feeds, hay, straw, muck man, farriers and yard maintenance personnel.


Feb 00 – Sept 00

Manager of riding school/livery yard in Ireland for a horse specialist vet.

I was responsible for all yard duties including Advertising/Promotion, Running summer camps for children, Teaching lessons, Caring for injured or ill horses, Yard maintenance and helping the vet with duties and operations 

                                         ORANGE COUNTY, USA – PRIVATE GROOM 

July 99 - Jan 00

Manager of a 6 horse private yard in orange county. I was responsible for maintenance, livery horses, feed, tack, farrier, exercise etc.

We had Missouri fox trotters, Arabs, Tennessee walkers and pasa finos on the yard.



February 99- March 99

I was employed by Roberford Latham, a top international show jumper who got a fifth place for Spain in the previous Olympics. As part of his team for the Spanish Sunshine Tour, we were require to look after and prepare fifteen horses, of which approximately twelve were in a show class every day. Everything had to be perfect all the time, from the horses to the tack room. All the horses had to be prepared perfectly, from grooming, applying all types of various tack, bandages, studs in the horses shoes to preparing for and helping with transporting.


January 98 - December 98 

I was employed by Mr and Mrs Langlois to run their shire horse farm in Jersey. I was responsible for the care of stabled and field kept horses, Introducing clients, assisting with lessons, breaking and schooling horses, driving machinery, and general yard maintenance.



August 94 - December 97 

I was responsible for schooling livery horses, teaching lessons and taking out rides. I was also appointed assistant manager which involved running the 120 horse yard. I was responsible for checking the horses and yard, designating staff with various duties to ensure smooth running of the yard and to make sure every thing was checked and finished at the end of the day. I was also in charge of checking and feeding the field horses every day as well as driving the tractors, diggers and delivery van.  


THORNTON LODGE - Kill, Co. Kildare, Ireland  

February 94 - July 94 

I trained in every aspect necessary for my stage three and preliminary teaching test. We trained between 3 and 4 hours a day for six months. This training lunging, dressage, ride and lead, showjumping, cross country and interval training for fitness. We also prepared horses for shows and looked after the yard on a rota basis at weekends, which involved sole management of the yard for one to two days every second weekend. It was at thornton lodge where i gained the knowledge and experience to pass my final exams which also involved a written veterinary exam.                                                                        


March 92 - January 93 and May 93 - January 94

I transferred my course to runningwell stud to experience a larger equestrian environment. I increased my jumping and dressage skills and experience as i entered their local shows quite frequently. Whilst here i learnt how to teach and work with more people in a larger environment as well as being appointed undermanager of one of their yards which ment that i was responsible for the junior staff and yard check at the end of each day.

HILL FARM, Pan lane, Chelmsford, Essex, England

February 93 - April 93

I trained at hill farm for three months for the final preparations for my stage two and my riding and road safety exam which i both passed before returning to runningwell stud.



June 91 - March 92

I began training at mainport and gained basic management at this small training\event yard. It was here that i was taught how to do general yard duties to a high standard, introduced to more advanced riding and passed my stage one.                                                                                                     


  I am used to working under pressure and am able to deal with and resolve all kinds of problems or requests which come my way. I work well as a team leader and have the ability to integrate with people and communicate/share information and resolve problems or issues on a professional basis.


Other experience includes Riding in local shows, Handling foals, General yard maintenance, Private sale of horses/Feeds and Tack, Veterinary knowledge, Tractor, digger and Farm equipment operator, Staff Training/Management, Computer Skills and web design, Wildlife experience, running shows and summer camps, training British actors and stunt men/women.  


 My greatest personal achievements to date would be the president/ceo of the Irish Horse Society which I formed in 2001, and am responsible for promoting the Irish equestrian industry in local areas and internationally as a tourist attraction through this. I have also set up a company called equicom which deals in telecommunication facilities for the equestrian industry/market. I have also had my picture in various magazines and had articles written about myself and the Irish Horse Society as well as volunteering as the equestrian editor for the 'country sports and country life' magazine.





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